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santorini cycling
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  • Cycling Excursions
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  • Private Cycling Tours
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    santorini trekking
    Available on request


    Tailored Trekking and Outdoor Recreation for those who want a better view of the old and traditional side of Santorini. Available only on request, with our own guide, holding an extensive background knowledge of the island.
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    santorini jeep adventure

    Jeep Trekking Adventure

  • Half day
  • 6-7 destinations
  • Up to 65km coverage
  • Extended stop at Perivolos Beach
  • Exploring Central and Southern Santorini
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    santorini fishing trips
    Available on request

    Fishing Trips

    For groups but also individuals who want to see what the deep waters of Santorini hold for them. A fishing trip requires an early start of the day, so be prepared. No experience required, in fact the only thing required is appetite for adventure and.... sea food!
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    santorini donkey tours

    Donkey Trips

    Take a tour of the traditional side of Santorini, the traditional way. Ride a donkey all the way up to ancient Thera and relive the ways of the old. No previous experience required and our guide will be with you all the way.
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