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Donkey Tours

santorini ridding a donkey
40€ pp

3 hours total

Ride a donkey from Kamari to ancient Thera.
Climb with your donkey the Mesa Vouno mountainous landscape, with a local guide and visit on your way up Zoodochos Pigi chapel, build in a cave, overlooking Kamari. Following up to the archeological site of ancient Thera.
There is an additional cost of 2€ to enter the archeological site
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santorini donkeys
50€ pp

5 hours total

Ancient Thera - Perissa.
Again we visit ancient Thera and Zoodochos Pighi chapel, with a local guide.
Afterwards, we climb down Mesa Vouno from the opposite side, to Perissa, for swimming and lunch and return to Kamari by mini bus or on a traditional boat.
Archeological site fee (2€) and lunch are not included
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santorini donkey tours
40€ pp

4 hours total

Traditional tour of Pyrgos
We ride our donkeys from Kamari to Mesa Gonia village, all the way to Pyrgos, the highest village of Santorini, for an in depth tour of this traditional and very attractive location, with a much needed break for lunch. We return to Kamari by mini bus.
Lunch is not inluded
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Animal Welfare

A couple of things you should know

There is a lot of talk on the web about the donkeys of Santorini as well as published articles about animal abuse and poor treatment of the animals.
Up to two decades ago, where donkey owners were only older people with no education and the animals were used only for every day work, this could be the case, but nowadays animal welfare has more or less been standardized even in remote areas and associations such as the "Donkey Association of Santorini", make sure that certain rules are applied with no exceptions to all donkey owners.
We need to clarify that each and every donkey that you ride, has a very proper and very good life including frequent veterinary check ups, good quality food and fresh water as well as proper shade for resting.
Feel free to ask for more info.